Mouthwash Mask

     There are all these commercials claiming the greatness of mouthwash. They say that one dose of mouthwash will rid you of bad breath for hours. Is this claim true? Let me show you why mouthwash isn't the bees knees.

     Mouthwash is a liquid which is held in the mouth passively, swirled, or gargled. Most mouthwashes are antiseptic in design. Antiseptics are used to reduce the possibility of infection. The majority of most mouthwash products on the market contain alcohol. Alcohol dries the mouth out making it more vulnerable to acid breakdown. Fluoride is added for protection. This makes using mouthwash easy, convenient, and inexpensive.

     What's the truth? Mouthwash is a coverup for the lack of removal of plaque. Bad breath mainly comes from waste products of bacteria. Those products and bacteria come together to form dental plaque. Plaque is sticky and must be removed. Mouthwash can't replace manual cleaning with toothbrush, floss, and a tongue cleaner. 

     We know that 90% of the plaque that causes bad breath lives on the tongue. Manual cleaning of the tongue is a crucial part in the optimizing your oral health care. A toothbrush is limited in its ability to clean the tongue. A tongue cleaner is far superior in achieving the goal of plaque removal. ClearSTIK strives to make achieving this goal simple, easy, and convenient.